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Are you looking for a team of skilled artisans for an upcoming project? Blackstone Enterprises may have the talent and skills you're looking for! From restoration of keepsakes and memorabilia to home repairs and remodeling, our team of skilled craftsman are ready and willing to help turn your dream into a reality. From concept to completion, we have the planning skills and experience to see your project through to successfull completion. In addition to restoration and repair work, we also provide a landscpe and home cleaning service. Bill Blackburn, co-owner and founder of Blackstone Enterprises is a gifted artist and writer with a strong background in building construction, remodeling, conservation and solar technologies. He enjoys working on a variety of challenging projects where the diversity of his knowledge, talents and skills can be applied. From Aquaculture, Hydroponics and Permaculture, to Energy Efficient Solar Assisted Construction and Rehab, Mr. Blackburn has the know-how and practical skills to see your project through to successfull completion. We live and work primarily in the vicinity of Palm Springs California, however we have successfully completed projects in Wyoming, Maine, Connecticut and Arizona. Call 760-553-0776 or write today for a free site analysis and estimate!

Artist - Writer - Poet - and Master Craftsman Bill Blackburn demonstrates some of his projects. From restoration of memorabilia to home remodeling and repairs including appliance restoration!

Bali by the Sea
Bali by the Sea

Here's a sampling of Bill's writing. The work is titled "Bali by the Sea" If you'd like to read more of his poetry, short stories or how-to articles, follow this link to Hubpages: and please don't forget to sign the guestbook.


Bali by the Sea

Sometimes I feel like a leaf in the wind!

Sometimes I feel like an empty bottle that has crossed the sea of time. A bottle whose true substance was consumed long ago, and yet the shell (worn and strewn about by countless waves and riptides), has somehow stayed afloat despite the onslaught of whirling pools and tidal waves. A bottle that has come to rest 

in the sands of a rocky alcove – seldom touched except by a few ominous crests that thunder in the midst of a full moon. 
Sometimes I feel like the wind! At times it is soft and gentle like a warm summer breeze… and other times, strong and seemingly defiant to the world. I do not know or understand the wind. I cannot predict its direction or the nature of its gale, but I can feel that unexplainable mysterious force that breathes life into my spirit, and it’s a wonderful thing.

Sometimes I feel like a leaf in the wind that is blown hither and yon by some irresistible unseen force. The wind has no notion of whether I’m drifting or tumbling or being ripped apart in its environment; it just keeps moving along, loosing seeds that will inevitably sprout and reach fruition – eventually they will drop their own leaves in the ether of space and time, and the wind will see them through it all. 

Sometimes I feel like a thunderstorm that is ominous, dark, and full of potential. A thunderstorm whose fury is bottled with deadly bolts of lightning and torrents of rain. A storm whose myriad of ice crystals (hovering just beyond the dark cloud), form matrices of deadly hailstones, which will inevitably shower the earth. A storm whose rain is cold and bitter from a brush with a frigid arctic breeze. A storm that will eventually wash out to sea and die, but not before it plays out the full extent of its cleansing nature.

Sometimes I feel like a still pond: the surface of which reflects light upon the occasional passer-by, or a fisherman in respite from the insanity and mundane nature of his world. The shores are shallow, nearly transparent, and warmed by the mid-day sun. The basin is deep and cold like an abyss and only fishermen and poets contemplate what lies below the murky depths. 
By: William E. Blackburn
Copyright June 2007 All rights reserved



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Below are some of our restoration and other recent projects.

Bringing a dragon back to life
Bringing a dragon back to life

This piece was not an antique but it had sentimental value to our client. Accidentally dropped on the floor this decorative statue was shattered and missing several pieces. Some of the extremities had to be reconstructed with epoxy and then painted to match the original. Overall it took about three days to reconstruct the dragon. Our client was extremely pleased with the end result and commented: "Oh my God; it looks better than it did before it was broken!" 



Many people come to us with items that have little or no monetary value, however a lot of items have sentimental value because they have memories attached to them for some reason or other. In one instance a teary eyed customer confessed that her deceased mom had given her the porcelin doll when she was a little girl. She'd kept the doll through most of her life until a workman accidently moved a hutch with the doll sitting on top. It was shattered beyond recognition. Two weeks later I returned the piece to its owner and she was ecstatic to see her doll in pristine condition, without even a scratch. 

Rebirth of a Flamingo
Rebirth of a Flamingo

From what we've heard, this flamingo was long-ago kidnapped by a group of young Marines; taken out to the local shooting range and used for target practice. When Bill originally purchased the pieces for $5.00 and took possession of her, the head was blown off and she had multiple gunshot wounds over her entire body. Needless to say this was a challenging project. After using some automotive fiberglass reinforced Bondo, hardware cloth, steel reinforcing bars and about four days of magic, she looked ready and able to fly; and so she did. She was sold to the highest bidder at $600.00 within one week! We sure do miss that bird!

Woodduck inlay using various hardwoods
Woodduck inlay using various hardwoods

This is a wood inlay that Bill designed and built for one of our clients! Actually he's made dozens of these custom hardwood floor inlays, each one unique to the clients specifications. This particular "wood-duck scene" measures 3'-0" in diameter and it fits as a centerpiece in a large vestibule. Every piece is natural colored exotic hardwood, cut and fitted using the selected wood grain to form the clouds and water. Some of the woods are Southern Yellow Pine, Birch, Teak, Northern Poplar (green), Brazilian Cherry, Walnut, White Pine and a few other select hardwoods. 


Other projects related to hardwood flooring include custom room borders of a variety of genre! We've done Western Native American, Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too, Escher tessellated mosaic patterns, and a variety of traditional borders depending on the decorating scheme. 


These inlays can also be used as a wainscotting in a dining or living room, or as an accent to a less expensive application of wainscotting! If you'd like to incorporate something like this into your project, please give us a call! 

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